The Siperstein Challenge

The Siperstein Challenge

Jason Siperstein Entrepreneurial Business Plan Competition

1st Place: $2,000

2nd Place: $500

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Teams are limited to three members.
2. Each team must have at least one upperclassman (junior or senior).
3. Greater consideration will be given to business plans that place an emphasis on social enterprise and the creation of social value. Social enterprise ventures may include non-profit, for-profit, or hybrid model business plans.

Criteria for selecting the winning team will be based on the following eight items:

1. Demonstration of emphasis on social entrepreneurship and/or the creation of social value
2. Executive summary
3. Clarity/potential of the market opportunity
4. Ability to implement the plan
5. Financing plan/rationality
6. Strength of the team argument that their product/service will meet demand
7. Overall evaluation of potential reward to risk
8. Application of theory to practice